Europe Trip - Day 8

Team outside the LouvreTeam outside the Louvre


Yesterday (Tuesday May 7)was our first full day in Paris and did the Florida Southern volleyball team take full advantage!! We woke up and had an amazing breakfast filled with warm croissants and of course the french crepes! We then took the train to the Arch de Triumph, however we seemed to have gotten that name confused with the "Grand Arch," which we found out first hand. The "Grand Arch" was a building located in a business corporate area, it was beautiful but not what we were looking for.

So we got back on the train and finally made it to the real Arch de Triumph. It was just as we suspected, HUGE! We took a lot of team pictures then walked along one of the most famous streets in Paris, Des Champs. As we were walking along the street we saw Abercrombie and Fitch models standing outside this huge iron gate (which we later found out led to their amazing store). We took pictures with the models, of course, and they told us to go inside. We walked along this pathway into the store to come find out it was like a club! It was four stories in mainly all gold with beautiful statues and models dancing by the stairwells.

We then all met at the Concorde to go to the Louvre. Once we were there we were all in shock that this beautiful palace was "too small" for Louie the XIV. When we got inside we were overwhelmed at what to do first because there are three sections each with three floors. We only had three hours so we only got to see 1/4 of one section, which was of course where the Mona Lisa was located. Some of us were in great shock to find out how small the painting was and why the painting was so popular when Mona Lisa is not as beautiful as some hoped.

After the Louvre we came back to rest before the game. Despite the long day it was a great day for the Mocs! We won all four games against our opponent, Melun! After the great win, we all sat together to have a delicious meal filled with fresh baguettes, varieties of salami and other meats, vegetables, and the most delicious Brie Cheese coming straight from the farm...mmmm!!! If this wasn't a real french dinner I don't know what is! After dinner they showered us with delicious desserts, one being banana bread with Nutella! That was gone within the first two minutes! The hospitality after every game has been amazing and we can not have asked for a more amazing trip!

More to come tomorrow!! Can not believe this is one of our last nights!

Bye bye for now.

By Elena Sorich

  Team in front of the Louvre

  Team at the Arch de Triumph

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