Get to Know the Mocs: Episode 7

Get to Know the Mocs: Episode 7

Florida Southern College has a rich tradition of athletic excellence. With 29 NCAA Division II National Championships, Florida Southern is one of the premier athletic programs in the country. While our student-athletes have been highly successful both in the arenas of competition and in the classroom, it's not often that fans get to know them behind the scenes.

That's why we've launched a new video series called "Get to Know the Mocs". Each week, we'll feature a student-athlete from a different sport and ask them a variety of questions that will help you get to know more about them.

We're proud of our student-athletes, and we're excited to give you a closer look at the incredible people they are. Thanks for watching, and Go Mocs!


Episode 1 (Nov. 10): Jensen Blassage // Women's Basketball
Episode 2 (Nov. 17): Tyler Ross // Men's Basketball
Episode 3 (Dec. 1): Rachel Mostert // Volleyball
Episode 4 (Dec. 4): Kourtney Gavin // Women's Swimming
Episode 5 (Jan. 19): Diego Gimenez // Men's Swimming
Episode 6 (Feb. 2): Laurent Mailloux // Men's Tennis
Episode 7 (Feb. 9): J.P. DeBoyer // Baseball