Varsity "S" Club

Varsity "S" Club

Your team needs you! You remember how important teamwork was when you competed at Florida Southern -- well, it's still important today. We ask you to help us build an organization that will strengthen the legacy for all of FSC's varsity teams. That organization is the Florida Southern Varsity S Club which is exclusively for all former varsity athletes. Florida Southern Athletics has been the premier NCAA Division II program in America and we hope you'll want to do your part to keep Southern on top! Please join us! -- Pete Meyer, Director of Athletics
MISSION STATEMENT - The mission of the Varsity S Club is to encourage former FSC varsity athletes to be financial supporters of the FSC Athletics family. The purpose is to maintain and strengthen the bond between varsity athletes, the College, and the Athletic Department.

TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE - Few schools in the country can match the athletic success of Florida Southern. As a former varsity athlete, you've played a role in building that success. The Varsity S Club is dedicated to maintaining lifelong relationships with former student-athletes and the athletic program. Being a member of this organization provides you with the opportunity to renew old friendships, establish new ones and play an important role in keeping Florida Southern College Athletics among the very best in the NCAA Division II. Your financial support will enable current and future Moccasin student-athletes to enjoy many of the same levels of success you enjoyed as a player at Southern.

LIFETIME PASS / MEMBERSHIP - All former FSC varsity athletes automatically receive a lifetime pass and membership in the Varsity S Club upon graduation. This lifetime pass allows the holder and one guest to attend all FSC regular season home athletic contests free of charge. Varsity athletes are those student-athletes who have earned a varsity letter award in their respective sport.

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For more information about the Varsity S Club,
please call the FSC Athletic Office, 863-680-4244