Shorthanded eSports Mocs Fall to North Virginia

Shorthanded eSports Mocs Fall to North Virginia

LAKELAND, FL - The Florida Southern College eSports team led in both League of Legends of games Sunday evening against North Virginia, but roster woes and individual errors factored into an 0-2 loss.

The Moccasins were forced to play three players out of position, and new jungler Chris Vickers was unable to participate in Sunday's matchup.

The lineup changes proved to be the determining factor, as the Mocs led both games but were unable to maintain their momentum. Game two saw the Mocs seconds away from a win but individual errors swung momentum NOVA's way.

NOVA led both games in kills (29-12, 35-24), assists (55-19, 86-50) and gold (63.6k-45.3k, 61.2k-56.8k). The Mocs improved in all three stats from their opening match against Clemson last weekend.

Head Coach Nate Carson said that he was happy with how the team performed despite the difficulties with roster and positions. Carson also said that there is much improve on.

Freshman Joshua Rivera (Provok3) led the Mocs in game one with a 1.6 KDA, totaling 2 kills and 6 assists. Sophomore Garrett Bennett (BwayBennett) paved the way in game two with a 2.67 KDA on 9 kills and 7 assists. 

Florida Southern will face Tidewater this Saturday at 4 p.m. Fans can watch the match via the Florida Southern Twitch channel.

Students interested in shoutcasting League of Legends matches can contact Head Coach Nate Carson at

TOP: Garrett Bennett (BwayBennett)

JUNGLE: Joshua Rivera (Provok3)

MID: Mikey Gallego (robotiks)

ADC: Josh Morgan (Reflecz)

SUPPORT: Donovan West (zimbabwe027)