Moccasin Hearthstone Team Escapes Top-Ranked Saints

Moccasin Hearthstone Team Escapes Top-Ranked Saints

LAKELAND, FL – The Florida Southern College eSports Hearthstone team remained undefeated on the season with an impressive 3-2 win over St. Clair on Tuesday night. The Moccasins (2-0) ran out to a 2-0 lead but sloppy play in Games Three and Four allowed the Saints (1-1) to force a decisive Game Five that Florida Southern won.

The Moccasins never had an unfavorable matchup, but St. Clair's CheersLove entered the match ranked in the top 1,000 players in North America. CheersLove's legend rank was a deciding factor in the match going to five games.


  • The Moccasins brought Murloc Paladin, Secret Mage, Spiteful Priest, and Zoo Warlock decks, of which the Saints banned Warlock. The Saints brought unconventional decks not seen often in ranked play. Of their Murloc Paladin, Control Mage, Cube Warlock, and OTK (One-Turn-Kill) Priest decks, the Mocs banned Murloc Paladin.
  • For the first game the Mocs chose to play their Murloc Paladin deck against the Saints' Control Mage deck. Florida Southern pushed the board early and mounted an insurmountable tempo. The Saints were unable to keep the Mocs off of the board, giving the Mocs the win for Game One.
  • Game Two saw a Secret Mage versus Control Mage matchup. Florida Southern again pushed tempo early, using a Counterspell to block St. Clair from playing their Ice Block. Game Two went to the Mocs after they used a Pyroblast-Frostbolt combination for exact lethal damage
  • The Mocs only needed to win one game with their Spiteful Priest deck, but a strong showing from Games One and Two did not translate to wins in Games Three and Four. The Mocs' inexperience in facing Control Mage and Cube Warlock resulted in sloppy play, leading to wins in both games for St. Clair.
  • The final game featured a double priest matchup. The Moccasins pushed early and focused on clearing the Saints' board. Unable to execute their One-Turn-Kill combination with no minions on the board St. Clair conceded, giving the Mocs the match.


The Mocs will find out their next two opponents from Tespa on Wednesday night. Fans can tune in to the official Florida Southern College Twitch channel to watch their next match on Monday at 9 p.m.


(Mocs) Murloc Paladin vs. Control Mage (Saints)
(Mocs) Secret Mage vs. Control Mage (Saints)
(Mocs) Spiteful Priest vs. Control Mage (Saints)
(Mocs) Spiteful Priest vs. Cube Warlock (Saints)
(Mocs) Spiteful Priest vs. OTK Priest (Saints)


Wil Fisackerly (TheFisack)
Alex Gruendl (GoonLagoon)
Kevin Lojewski (Snerdles)