Utah Hands Hearthstone First Loss of Season

Utah Hands Hearthstone First Loss of Season

LAKELAND, FL – The Florida Southern College eSports Hearthstone team started strong but could not execute as the University of Utah handed the Moccasins their first loss of the season. The Mocs (2-1) won Game One but could not withstand the control decks that the Utes (3-0) played.


  • The Moccasins brought Silver Hand Paladin, Secret Mage, Spiteful Priest, and Control Warlock decks, of which the Utes banned Warlock. The Utes brought Control Paladin, Control Mage, Cube Warlock, and OTK (One-Turn-Kill) Priest decks, of which the Mocs banned Warlock.
  • For the first game, the Mocs chose to play their Silver Hand Paladin deck against the Utes' Control Paladin deck. Florida Southern pushed the board early and mounted an insurmountable tempo. The Utes were unable to draw into their board clears and keep the Mocs off of the board, giving the Mocs the win for Game One.
  • Game Two saw a Secret Mage versus One-Turn-Kill Priest matchup. The Mocs pushed early and maintained board control but ultimately ran out of tempo. The Utes built their Drakonid Operative to 20 attack/20 health. With no answer from Florida Southern, Utah took Game Two.
  • Game Three's Secret Mage versus Control Paladin matchup gave Utah the edge. The Moccasins were not able to answer any of the Utes' early game board and had no way of establishing tempo, giving Game Three to Utah.
  • The Moccasins had the chance to mount a comeback but were unable to execute in Game Four. The Spiteful Priest/Control Mage matchup was handily won by Utah. The Moccasins had lethal damage numerous times but could not beat out the Utes' Ice Blocks.


The Mocs will face Cal on Tuesday night. Fans can tune in to the official Play Hearthstone Twitch channel at 9 p.m.


(Mocs) Silver Hand Paladin vs. Control Paladin (Utes)
(Mocs) Secret Mage vs. OTK Priest (Utes)
(Mocs) Secret Mage vs. Control Paladin (Utes)
(Mocs) Spiteful Priest vs. Control Mage (Utes)


Wil Fisackerly (TheFisack)
Alex Gruendl (GoonLagoon)
Kevin Lojewski (Snerdles)