eSports Comeback Falls Short Against USC-Sumter

eSports Comeback Falls Short Against USC-Sumter

LAKELAND, FL – The Florida Southern College eSports Hearthstone team battled hard against The University of South Carolina – Sumter but were unable to clinch a win, losing 3-2. The Mocs (3-6) and the Fire Ants (5-4) traded wins for the first four games before USC-Sumter clinched the match with a game five win.


  • The Moccasins brought Murloc Paladin, Secret Mage, Spiteful Priest, and Control Warlock decks, of which the Fire Ants banned Warlock. The Fire Ants brought Dude Paladin, Token Shaman, Cube Warlock, and Spiteful Priest decks, of which the Mocs banned Paladin.
  • For the first game, the Mocs chose to play their Secret Mage deck against the Fire Ants' Spiteful Priest deck. Florida Southern did not draw well and were unable to build up a significant tempo before USC-Sumter loaded the board with big minions, winning Game One
  • Game Two saw a Spiteful Priest versus Token Shaman matchup. The Fire Ants pushed the board early, but a turn seven Skulking Geist and turn eight Free From Ember into Obsidian Statue helped reestablish the board for the Mocs, giving them the win.
  • Game Three's Secret Mage versus Token Shaman matchup gave Utah the edge. The Moccasins pulled Aluneth turn six but failed to draw their Pyroblast for lethal damage until it was one turn too late. The Fire Ants used their board to win Game Three.
  • The Moccasins had the chance to mount a comeback with a Game Four Secret Mage versus Cubelock matchup. The Mocs again pulled Aluneth, but this time were able to draw their damage spells to win gain lethal and force a decisive Game Five.
  • The last game of the match saw the Mocs play their Murloc Paladin Deck against the Cubelock from the Fire Ants. USC-Sumter pushed the board early and used taunts to protect their hero, preventing the Moccasins from completing the comeback.


The Mocs will face Kansas Wesleyan on Tuesday night. Fans can tune in to the official Florida Southern College Twitch channel at 9 p.m.


(Mocs) Secret Mage vs. Spiteful Priest (Fire Ants)
(Mocs) Spiteful Priest vs. Token Shaman (Fire Ants)
(Mocs) Secret Mage vs. Token Shaman (Fire Ants)
(Mocs) Secret Mage vs. Cubelock (Fire Ants)
(Mocs) Murloc Paladin vs. Cubelock (Fire Ants)


Wil Fisackerly (TheFisack)
Alex Gruendl (GoonLagoon)
Kevin Lojewski (Snerdles)