eSports Blanks Kansas Wesleyan

eSports Blanks Kansas Wesleyan

LAKELAND, FL – The Florida Southern College eSports Hearthstone team returned to winning ways Tuesday night in spectacular fashion, blanking Kansas Wesleyan 3-0. The Moccasins (4-6) never got behind and easily tamed any threats the Coyotes (3-7) put on the board to pick up a crucial win with four games remaining in the regular season. The match lasted only 30 minutes.


  • The Moccasins brought Silver Hand Paladin, Secret Mage, Control/OTK Priest, and Control Warlock decks, of which the Coyotes banned Warlock. The Coyotes brought Murloc Paladin, Token Shaman, Spell Hunter, and Secret Mage decks, of which the Mocs banned Mage.
  • For the first game, the Mocs chose to play their Silver Hand Paladin deck against the Coyotes' Spell Hunter deck. The Coyotes seemed to have won the game with early pressure and board clears, but the Moccasins used Sunkeeper Tarim on a board filled with Silver Hands to rebuild their tempo and setup a Level Up! lethal the next turn, giving the Moccasins Game One.
  • Game Two saw a Control/OTK hybrid Priest deck vs. Murloc Paladin. Florida Southern prevented Kansas Wesleyan from building any sort of board with repeated Shadow Word: Horror and Duskbreaker plays. The Moccasins used this tempo to chip away at the Coyotes' Hero until Kansas Wesleyan conceded the match, giving Game Two to the Mocs.
  • Game Three's Secret Mage versus Token Shaman matchup gave Kansas Wesleyan their best shot at regaining momentum in the match. However, a turn five Aluneth pull set the Moccasins up to gain tempo and build a sizable board that the Coyotes could not answer, giving the Mocs the match.


The Mocs will find out their Match 11 and Match 12 opponents on Thursday from Tespa. Fans can tune in to the official Florida Southern College Twitch channel at 9 p.m. next Monday and Tuesday to watch both matches.


(Mocs) Silver Hand Paladin vs. Spell Hunter (Coyotes)
(Mocs) Control/OTK Priest vs. Murloc Paladin (Coyotes)
(Mocs) Secret Mage vs. Token Shaman (Coyotes)


Wil Fisackerly (TheFisack)
Alex Gruendl (GoonLagoon)
Kevin Lojewski (Snerdles)