Moccasins Mount Dramatic Comeback over Miami-Ohio

Moccasins Mount Dramatic Comeback over Miami-Ohio

LAKELAND, FL – The playoff hopes are still alive. The Florida Southern College Moccasins eSports Hearthstone team mounted a season-saving comeback over the University of Miami-Ohio on Tuesday night, winning 3-2. The Moccasins (6-6) brought a risky Warrior deck that put them behind early 2-0 but used control play to successfully complete the comeback against the Red Hawks (5-6).

The win marks the first time the Mocs have reached .500 since Week 2. The team has now won four of their last five, a crucial factor in their goal to finish in the top eight this season and earn a berth to the playoffs.


  • The Moccasins brought Silver Hand Paladin, Control Warrior, Control/OTK Priest, and Control Warlock decks, of which the Red Hawks banned Warlock. The Red Hawks brought Silver Hand Paladin, Control Warlock, Spell Hunter, and Control Priest decks, of which the Mocs banned Priest.
  • For the first game, the Mocs chose to play their Control Warrior deck against the Red Hawks' Control Warlock deck. With no major minions in the deck, Florida Southern was only able to delay the game until Miami-Ohio exhausted them of their resources.
  • Game Two saw a Control Warrior versus Spell Hunter matchup. The Moccasins again lacked the board presence to mount any significant threat. The Red Hawks played Deathstalker Rexxar on turn 6 and was able to comfortably build a supply of minions that the Mocs could not answer. Miami-Ohio took Game Two and looked to complete the sweep.
  • Game Three started the comeback for the Moccasins. The Control Warrior versus Silver Hand Paladin matchup heavily favored the Mocs as they continuously cleared the board. The Red Hawks conceded before they took fatigue damage as the Mocs had over 20 health and 50 armor.
  • Game Four was the turning point in the match as Florida Southern played their Control/OTK Priest against Miami-Ohio's Silver Hand Paladin. The Moccasins were unable to draw into a Duskbreaker or Shadow Word: Horror and appeared to have lost the match. A top-deck Shadow Word Horror reset the board and gave them the win to force a Game Five.
  • Game Five featured a Silver Hand Paladin mirror matchup. The Moccasins built an early board presence and used their minions to clear the board instead of attacking the hero. With no way to clear the board, the Red Hawks were forced to waste their resources to try and reestablish board presence. The Mocs handled everything the Red Hawks threw at them and Miami-Ohio conceded, giving Florida Southern the match.


The Mocs will find out their Match 13 and Match 14 opponents on Thursday from Tespa. Fans can tune in to the official Florida Southern College Twitch channel at 9 p.m. next Monday and Tuesday to watch both matches.


(Mocs) Control Warrior vs. Control Warlock (Red Hawks)
(Mocs) Control Warrior vs. Spell Hunter (Red Hawks)
(Mocs) Control Warrior vs. Silver Hand Paladin (Red Hawks)
(Mocs) Control/OTK Priest vs. Silver Hand Paladin (Red Hawks)
(Mocs) Silver Hand Paladin vs. Silver Hand Paladin (Red Hawks)


Wil Fisackerly (TheFisack)
Alex Gruendl (GoonLagoon)
Kevin Lojewski (Snerdles)