Moccasins Down Eutectics in Regular Season Finale  

Moccasins Down Eutectics in Regular Season Finale   

LAKELAND, FL – The Florida Southern College eSports Hearthstone team finished its inaugural season on a high note Tuesday night, defeating St. Louis College of Pharmacy 3-1. The Moccasins (7-7) and Eutectics (2-12) brought a combined six new decks to the match.


  • The Moccasins brought Silver Hand Paladin, Quest Warrior, Control/OTK Priest, and Cube Warlock decks, of which the Euts banned Warlock. The Euts brought OTK Paladin, Jade Shaman, Big Spell Mage, and Cube Warlock decks, of which the Mocs banned Warlock.
  • For the first game, the Mocs chose to play their Silver Hand Paladin deck against the Euts' Jade Shaman deck. The Moccasins mounted early board pressure only to have it wiped away by a turn six Volcano. The Mocs refreshed their board with Stand Against Darkness and finished the game with an Equality play to help remove the Euts' Taunt minion and deliver the winning blow.
  • Game Two saw the Eutectics play their Big Spell Mage against the Moccasins' custom-built Quest Warrior deck. Florida Southern won the matchup by using two separate Dirty Rat plays to pull out the Euts' Dragoncaller Alanna and Baron Geddon (which died to Doomsayer). Without any minions to deal damage to the Mocs, the Euts' conceded the match before dying to fatigue damage.
  • The Moccasins had the chance to sweep the match in Game Three's Control/OTK Priest versus OTK Paladin matchup but were unable to mount a significant board presence to counter the Euts' fast tempo. It looked as if the Mocs could comeback after choosing Uther of the Ebon Blade from their Drakonid Operative, but massive taunts and a strong Lynessa Sunsorrow prevented the Moccasins from dealing damage to the hero.
  • The Moccasins sealed the match and their last win of the season in Game Four's Control/OTK Priest versus Jade Shaman matchup. The Moccasins laid out an early board and continued to push pressure onto the Eutectics. The Mocs won the match after using Potion of Madness on the Euts' Stoneclaw Totem to kill the hero.


The end of the regular season marks the beginning of qualifying for the Hearthstone Championship Tour. The Hearthstone team will now turn their attention to competing individually in sanctioned Challenger Cup tournaments for the chance to compete in the Seasonal Playoffs this summer. Stay tuned to for the latest developments on HCT qualifying.


(Mocs) Silver Hand Paladin vs. Jade Shaman (Euctectics)
(Mocs) Quest Warrior vs. Big Spell Mage (Euctectics)
(Mocs) Control/OTK Priest vs. OTK Paladin (Euctectics)
(Mocs) Control/OTK Priest vs. Jade Shaman (Euctectics)


Wil Fisackerly (TheFisack)
Alex Gruendl (GoonLagoon)
Kevin Lojewski (Snerdles)