Esports Weekly Recap: League of Legends Dominates in First Win of Season

Esports Weekly Recap: League of Legends Dominates in First Win of Season

LAKELAND, FL - The Florida Southern College League of Legends team dominated Texas Wesleyan to record its first to win of the 2019 season and WINK News featured the Moccasin Esports program in this edition of the Esports Weekly Recap. Check out every Monday this spring for weekly recaps of Moccasin Esports. 


  • Tuesday, Jan. 29 (Overwatch) - L, 2-0 vs. Coker

  • Saturday, Feb. 4 (League of Legends) - W, 2-0 vs. Texas Wesleyan


L, 2-0 vs. Coker

Map One
  • The first map of the best of three series took place at Lijiang Tower, a control map where both teams compete to achieve 100% control over the shared objective.
  • Round one saw Coker gain early control of the objective and forced the Mocs back to their spawn point. Florida Southern made three attempts to recapture the point but Coker had many ultimates available and won the round, 100% - 0%.
  • Coker gained control of the objective early in round two and defended well against Florida Southern's dive composition. Florida Southern recaptured the point when Travis Waters walled-off the Cobra's tank and Quinlan Harsht earned a double kill on Moira. The Cobras were able to recapture the point and the round ended at 39% - 100%, giving Coker the win on Map one.
Map Two
  • Map two was played at King's Row, a hybrid map where teams take turn escorting a payload.
  • Florida Southern started on defense and held the first objective for just under a minute and Coker escorted the payload past one checkpoint to the final end point. The Moccasins blocked multiple pushes but the Cobra offense broke through with three minutes and 32 seconds left.
  • The offensive run for the Mocs saw them win the first objective but struggle to gain a number advantage over the Cobras. The Mocs had to reset three times but pushed with two minutes left, but could not capture the objective. Coker won the map and the series, 2-0
  • "We had some good individual and team plays, but our consistency in our team fights was poor," head coach Nate Carson said. "During most fights, our tanks and supports were split and there wasn't sufficient 'peeling' for our supports, so our team just fell apart. I could tell that our team wasn't always on the same page, and we need to fix these communication problems at our upcoming practices."


W, 2-0 vs. Texas Wesleyan

  • Game one saw Florida Southern draft a team to dominate in teamfights. The Mocs gained a quick seven-kill lead in the first 15 minutes as Chris Vickers had successful ganks and Garrett Bennett earned three solo-kills in the top lane.
  • The Moccasins began to lose steam as they forced fights that were not optimal for them and by the 25-minute mark both team's gold counts were even. Florida Southern regrouped and with one push destroyed the Nexus to take game one.
  • The Rams drafted a more team-centric composition in game two while the Mocs secured a strong early game jungler and two of the best late-game characters that would counter the Rams.
  • Florida Southern fell behind early and trailed five kills and multiple map objectives but managed to even the gold deficit at the 30-minute mark. The Mocs won three different 5v5 teamfights and captured the Baron to buff their minions and win the game and the series, 2-0.
  • "I am thrilled that we played so well as a team in these two games against Texas Wesleyan," Carson said. "What makes me even prouder is the high level of confidence and focus I saw in each player during this match. We didn't play perfectly, but we played great League of Legends. Our decision making as a team is still something that needs polishing."
  • Carson named Josh 'Reflex' Morgan as the team's MVP for his excellent performance that included a scoreline of 22 kills, zero deaths and eight assists.


  • Assistant Director of Athletic Communications Wil Fisackerly has joined the Hearthstone staff as a volunteer assistant coach.


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