Top-20 Soccer Moments at Barnett Field, #18 (September 25, 1980)

Top-20 Soccer Moments at Barnett Field, #18 (September 25, 1980)

Throughout the years, Florida Southern has had a long run of outstanding goalkeepers, beginning with the program's first All-American, Bill Currie in the late 50s and early 60s. Rarely have the Moccasins been without one who was, at the very least, an all-conference caliber player between the posts, and the early 80s were no exception when Bobby Kramig filled that role. In his two full seasons as a starter, Kramig put up the type of numbers that may not be seen again at Florida Southern, and on September 25, 1980, he was at his best with 24 saves in a win over Florida Tech-Jensen Beach.

Like so many of the earlier games on our top-20 countdown, a full recap of the game itself is not available, but it allows us to highlight the accomplishments of someone who by virtue of his place on the timeline was not able to receive many of the accolades that are available today. In the case of Kramig, he played during a period when the Sunshine State Conference was still in its infancy. There were no all-conference teams, players-of-the-week, or even much attention paid to soccer in general. Kramig was the Moccasins' MVP in his final two seasons, and an All-State selection as a senior, a team selected by the coaches to honor the best college soccer players in Florida regardless of division. Short of being an All-American, that was the highest honor a soccer player could achieve in the early 80s.

Some perspective has to be given to truly appreciate what Kramig did in that game against FIT-Jensen Beach, but as remarkable as it is, the 24 saves were not a career-high nor the school record. Kramig shares that with Jeff Janszen, as each Moccasin goalkeeper had a game with 26, Kramig against Tampa earlier in 1980, and Janszen at South Florida in 1983. The Mocs lost those games, however, which is what normally happens when a goalkeeper is forced into making even half that number of saves. Kramig's 24 against FIT-Jensen Beach (a school that no longer exists) came in a 5-1 win while facing 31 shots, and it is the only time the Mocs have ever won a game when their goalkeeper has made anywhere near that number. The next highest save total in a win is 14, and Kramig was in goal for that one too against Valdosta State nine days after the FIT-Jensen Beach game.

From 1980-81, Kramig started 26 of a possible 27 games while playing all but 135 minutes. During that time, he had 308 saves for an average of 11.85 per game, which remains a school record and ranks third in NCAA Division II history. During those two seasons, he hit doubles digits 16 times and had five games with at least 20. There have been only four 20-save games by a Florida Southern men's goalkeeper since then, none since Tim Moore did it twice in 1986. (Lacy Emmerling did it twice for the women's team in 1999 and 2000.) Moore is the only Moccasin with more double-digit games (24), a feat that has become exceedingly rare. The Mocs have not had one since 2013, and not in a regulation-length game since 2009. Cliff Dixon was the last to have as many as 15 saves, and that happened in 1995.

In addition to his record for saves per game, Kramig still ranks second in total saves in Florida Southern history, and his .798 save percentage ranks third.

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