Top-20 Soccer Moments at Barnett Field, #17 (October 26, 2013)

Top-20 Soccer Moments at Barnett Field, #17 (October 26, 2013)

If there has been one opponent throughout the years which has provided the Florida Southern women's soccer team with the most unusual games, it has been Lynn University. How many other rivals in any conference can say they've played to a draw four consecutive times (in one 12-month stretch no less), or have another tie game in which both teams scored five goals without a chance to truly resolve it due to unplayable field conditions? There have been some other noteworthy encounters that did not end in ties (Moccasin wins in 2008 and in the 2009 SSC Tournament come to mind), but something about that four-game stretch of unfinished business stands out a little more. It's the last of those games that took place on October 26, 2013, and ended 3-3 that makes No. 17 on the countdown.

First, some background on how this streak even became possible. With many Sunshine State Conference teams having trouble scheduling non-conference games, the league adopted a schedule format for 2012 and 2013 often referred to as the "plus-four". In that format, teams played their eight conference opponents once each season as they always had, but would also play four of them one additional time in a non-conference game. Lynn was one of those additional games for Florida Southern in both years, and since they also squared off in the 2012 SSC Tournament, the two sides actually faced each other five times during those two seasons.

Their first meeting in 2013 ended in a 3-3 tie in Boca Raton, a non-conference game in which the Moccasins led 2-0 at halftime before the Knights scored three consecutive goals to take the lead in the 79th minute. The Mocs tied it again 35 seconds later, and the Knights had a chance to win in overtime, but Erin Moseley stopped a penalty kick that preserved the draw. The odds of their second meeting of 2013 ending with the same 3-3 score had to be slim, yet that is exactly what happened.

The second time around may have had an identical score at the end, but it played out a little differently. That being said, there were some remarkable similarities. The Mocs had a six-shot advantage in both games (25-19 in the first and 21-15 in the second), the foul totals were nearly identical (11-7 Lynn in game one and 11-8 Lynn in game two), and the total number of saves was almost identical too (17 in game one and 16 in game two). It also featured a team unable to hold a 2-0 lead, but this time it was Lynn, and this time all six goals were scored in the second half.

The first two goals came from Kirstie Schults, who put the Knights ahead 2-0 with 30 minutes to play. The Moccasins got on the board in the 74th minute when passes from Jackie Metz and Kirra Rainbow set up a goal by Sarah Goolsby. The Mocs then tied the score four minutes later on a goal not of their own making. Instead, it came from a Lynn defender, whose ill-fated clearance under heavy pressure from Sheila Ramos deflected off the back of a teammate and into the net for an own goal.

The Knights were able to reclaim the lead in the 82nd minute when Schults assisted Jordyn Turner (who had assisted Schults on the first two goals), but the Mocs came right back to tie the score for a second time with 2:28 remaining. This time it was Kristy Legoas, converting a corner kick from Kara Moore, with Alyssa Abrahamsen and Goolsby assisting on the play. After two scoreless overtime periods, the teams again settled for a 3-3 tie that kept both alive in the race for a spot in the SSC Tournament.

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